What Are The Best Watches Money Can Buy?

I consider myself a watch enthusiast, and have been collecting them for several years now. Many people have asked me what is the best watch money can buy, and I simply tell them one that follows the following criteria. One major thing a watch needs is durability. Nothing beats a watch that has been proven and tested, and works right for a long time. Many people think that the more expensive a watch is, the more important or durable it is, and that couldn’t be further from the truth best minimalist watches for men and women.

A good watch needs to be flexible, such as when you want to go diving or mountain biking. It needs to be rugged enough to withstand the elements and not fail on you when you need it most. One great watch that I always found to fit this criteria is the Invicta skeleton. The skeleton costs around $250 (the one I have), and I have used it to go backpacking through Europe, sailing through the Caribbean, and SCUBA diving in Hawaii, and it has not proven me wrong yet.

When considering a new watch, you should also make sure you know what you are going to use it for. Do you just need a watch that tells time, or are you looking to impress women or co-workers? Many people buy very expensive watches without ever realizing why they bought it in the first place. Expensive watches are a dime a dozen, what really separates a good one from a bad one is not always dependent on price.

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