Preparing Your Goods for Air Freight

In order to correctly send goods to the USA from Dubai, you have to have a solid knowledge of the product and distribution ecosystem. You need to also understand packaging materials, and have the persistence it requires to ship your goods correctly. Understanding, in addition to following these pointers will assist you to be sure that your goods remain damage free while in transportation.

Comprehend the Hazards of Air Freight

First, you must realise the hazards associated with shipping goods worldwide on air freight:

Punctures and abrasions: when the product shifts, or has inadequate interior packaging.
Compression: stacking, shock, vibration, or tie-down straps all generate compressive forces that induce product damage.
Shipment handling: proper packaging has to be able to protect the contents from the drops and impacts that are normal with handling operations.
Many of these could be reduced with proper packaging and planning prior to air freight shipment of your goods. Here’s several methods to make it happen.

Packing Materials Ideal for Air Freight Shipments

Using Corrugated Fiberboard boxes:

Commonly mislabeled as cardboard cartons or boxes. CFB’s would be the most often used shipping container, but a massive majority of individuals are unacquainted with the package’s strengths and weaknesses. The best reason for compression on the box is within 1” of the edges that are developed by two of the adjoining panels.

CFB could also degrade over time- by up to 50% of its strength within 6 months. A moisture of 90% has the capacity to weaken CFB packaging bags by approximately 60%. These often aren’t sufficiently strong to be used again and really should be taken care of as single use packages.

Wood packaging for Air Freight

Crafting your shipment for air freight might help protect your goods, making it possible for damage-free transit if done efficiently. Below are a few do’s and don’ts of packaging with wood:

Always employ interlocking corners on wooden crates
Don’t put fasteners into the end grain of wood- fastener resistance is usually decreased by 35% when put into the endgrain; place them in the side or edge grain of your container
Knots really should not be bigger than 30% of the surface area they seem in
Do not place fasteners in knots
Use diagonal braces on each panel to increase strength
Air Freight Pallets

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